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Health & Safety Statement


1.     The name of the Club shall be “The Tavy, Walkham & Plym Fishing Club”.


2.  To rent or otherwise acquire the right to fish for salmon and trout on the Tavy, Walkham and Plym and other adjacent rivers in the counties of Devon and Cornwall and to make such fishing available to members of the Club and others as provided for by the rules.


3.  Anyone holding in his own name a card entitling him to fish for salmon, migratory trout and brown trout for a full season shall be a member of the Club for the duration of the card and shall be entitled to vote at a meeting of the members and be eligible for election to the committee.


4.  The officers of the Club shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting of the Club and shall consist of, a President, Vice-President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, and with the exception of the two first named, these shall be ex-officio members of any committee as may be appointed.


5.  The Chairman and Honorary Secretary shall be ex-officio trustees of the Club.


6.  The Club shall be managed by an Executive Committee comprised of the Officers (as aforesaid) and THREE (3) members of the Club to be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting of the Club. The Executive Committee may from time to time co-opt such members as it may desire and shall meet as required and not less than twice a year. THREE (3) members shall form a quorum.


7.  Power is given to Lord Roborough to nominate a member of the Executive Committee who need not be a member of the Club and such member shall have the right to vote at all meetings. This member shall be in addition to the elected members.


8.  In exceptional circumstances, the Club may elect honorary members by majority vote at a General Meeting in recognition of long and meritorious service to the Club. Such members to be supernumerary to the current Club establishment, to be entitled to fish all the Club waters but not to bring a guest, and to attend and speak at meetings but not to vote.



9. The committee may elect a maximum of 24 non voting members as set out in the rules.


10.  Fourteen days’ notice shall be given to all members of the date and place of the Annual General Meeting which shall be fixed by the Executive Committee. A copy of the annual report and balance sheet (duly audited) shall be sent to each member.

11.  SEVEN (7) days’ notice in writing shall be given to the Secretary of any motion to alter or amend the Constitution or Rules of the Club to be moved at the meeting, with the name of the proposer and seconder.

12.  TEN (10) members shall form a quorum


13.  An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened by the Chairman or at the request of FIVE (5) or more members, such request to be sent to the Secretary in writing, stating the reason for requiring the meeting. TEN (10) members shall form a quorum.

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14.  All applicants for membership shall be sent, initially, an informative letter in terms to be settled from time to time by the Executive Committee.

15.  In the event of a vacancy or vacancies arising at the end of a season, and before the Annual General Meeting, the next name or names on the waiting list, who have been duly proposed and seconded by members of the Club, including the President, Vice-President and Chairman if not fishing members, shall be voted upon by secret ballot at the Annual General Meeting. Should THREE (3) or more members vote against any applicant, the name of such applicant shall be withdrawn from the election, and he shall be so advised. In the event of such an applicant requesting his name to remain on the waiting list, he shall be regarded as a new applicant and his name added to the bottom of the list.

16.  An applicant for membership whose name is nearing the top of the waiting list shall be:

a.  Required to submit to the Honorary Secretary a properly completed application form of such a type as may be determined from time to time by the Executive Committee.

b.  Asked to provide a proposer and seconder from the present members of the Club, notwithstanding that a proposer and seconder may have been provided at the time of the original application.

c.  Required to confirm in writing to the Honorary Secretary that his or her usual place of residence is local, i.e. reasonably convenient to the River Tavy in the opinion of the Executive Committee.

17.  In the event of these requirements not being fulfilled within TWENTY-ONE (21) days prior to the ballot at the Annual General Meeting, their name shall be transferred to the bottom of the waiting list, and the applicant be so advised. Nevertheless, should an application appear to the Executive Committee not to satisfy requirement (c) above then it shall be considered by the Annual General Meeting, if the proposer and seconder, after being officially informed of the view of the Executive Committee, both so request in writing to the Honorary Secretary, but not otherwise.

18.  The Honorary Secretary shall request any such proposer and seconder as is mentioned in the preceding paragraph to ensure that at least one of them is present at the meeting of the Club when the relevant prospective member is likely to come forward for election, so that there may be opportunity for answers to be given to any proper questions that may be raised about the prospective member or his application.

19.  Members who are unable to attend the Annual General Meeting, may vote on the name or names submitted on the agenda for the meeting by a letter addressed to the Chairman. In the event of it being necessary to vote on an additional name not entered on the agenda, the absent member may authorise the Chairman to vote on his behalf.

20.  Should a vacancy arise during the fishing season by the death or resignation of a member, the Executive Committee shall have the power to offer such vacancy to the next applicant on the waiting list, for the remainder of the season at an agreed fee. The name of such applicant shall, however, be submitted at the next Annual General Meeting to full membership by ballot.


21.  The following procedure shall be adopted when a vote has to be taken other than by general accord or by a show of hands. Such a vote shall be secret, and an adequate ballot box, and printed ballot papers, of a type approved by the meeting if necessary, shall be used. Each such vote shall be conducted by at least TWO (2) scrutineers, not themselves concerned therewith otherwise than as a voter, who shall be appointed from the floor at the time.


22.  At the request of Lord Roborough, one card is to be put at the disposal of members serving in HM Armed Forces in the Plymouth Command. This shall be a RED, WHITE or BLUE card, without a voting right and shall change colour annually. The card shall be transferred between members of HM Forces on a daily basis, but must not be transferred between members on any one calendar day. Anyone fishing with this authority must carry this card.


23.  Members subscriptions will become payable on 1st January in each year. A member shall be deemed to have forfeited his membership if payment is not made by 7th January.


24. On transferring to alternate beat fishing, members will retain their RED, WHITE or BLUE cards. The reserved club waters on the Tavy (other than the Abbey Water stretch) will be divided into three beats:

The Upper Beat

The Middle Beat

The Lower Beat

25.  Calendars will be sent to members by the Honorary Secretary with the receipts for their subscriptions, before the commencement of the season.


26.  Anyone wishing to transfer to another colour card shall inform the Secretary who will keep a chronological transfer list. A member on the transfer list will take precedence over an applicant on the waiting list.


      Health & Safety Policy Statement

The Tavy Walkham & Plym fishing Club policy statement applies to all Club members, voluntary bailiffs and other volunteers who work on the clubs waters or on the clubs behalf.

The Health & Safety at work act 1974 and associated acts and regulations impose legal duties and responsibility’s upon the club to safeguard the well-being of their members  and any other persons who may be affected  by the working and recreational activities of its members.

It is the duty of all members to take reasonable care of themselves  and not to put at risk the health and safety of other persons who maybe affected by their acts or omissions. They are to consider the effects of their activities, to maintain high levels of safety awareness on themselves, others and the environment while fishing or working on the clubs waters.

Members are to consider:-

1. Safe means of access and egress.

2. Safe systems of work and recreation.

3. Awareness of others in their vicinity, taking precautions to avoid accidents.

4. The actions of other members and advise them accordingly of safe practices.

The Committee will endeavour to monitor the activities of the club and provide written directives on safe practices, risk and policy.

This policy statement is to be made available to all members of the club and its voluntary bailiffs. This policy is to be reviewed by the executive committee annually.

 William Tuckett

 Chairman of the Tavy Walkham & Plym Fishing Club.                      1 March 2006

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