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Work Party 2006

tackling the winter

undergrowth at Hatchmill


Work on the middle beat (March 17th) - including some "wet-routines" from Richard Miles and Keith Howard to remove flotsam ... the uncensored versions can be seen on request!

No comment!!

The Naval Contingent rewarmed and back on terra firma!


The river is a living thing.. and as such changes from year to year. Each year members of the club walk the beats at the start of the season to review changes in the riverbank, overgrowth of shrubs, trees and brambles etc. They also look for signs of obstructions in the river from rubbish, trees and the like. A series of work sessions are planned which consist of rubbish collection, rebuilding banks, cutting back overgrown foilage and branches, clearing obstructions from both river and paths and generally getting to know other members who often fish on different beats at any given time. Liquid refreshment on completion is the norm and makes the whole evolution a very sociable occassion.

This excellent work not only enables improved fishing access for the newcoming season, but also provides a great service to the countryside by keeping it tidy, well maintained and danger-free.

2012 Maintenance

Japanese Knotweed

This weed is a nationally accepted as a significant pest and danger to the river, taking over large areas of the riverbank if not kept at bay. Devon has a significant problem with it's spread and seek actively to eradicate it through public awareness and control. Throughout the year Roger Round and a small group of helpers, using club funds and grant money from the EA cut back growth of this plant and spray the roots to deter further growth. Other riparian owners in the river system are responsible for their respective sections of river and it is particularly important that all areas are treated annually.

2007 - Work on Ham Pool on the Plym

Bob "walking the plank"... or perhaps getting a better vantage point from which to spot canoeists!

Bob, Keith and Chris attacking the branches..

2008 Works

Middle Beat

Work party on Middle beat Mar' 2008

Effect of the winter floods:

Build up of washed down broken branches collected around trees

2009 Works

Work on the new Upper Beat access

Fighting the way through years of growth, Neil leads the way


- tidying the hedge between the gaps below the oak tree - we've all had problems with the back-cast here!

Upper Duke's Shelter Rebuilt!

Roger and Gil have attacked the old shelter from years gone by and, using some of the old uprights, returned it to it's former glory - a great days work! Well done and thanks!

Roger and Gil basking in glory....