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Burrator Reservoir - feeding the Meavy


The Rivers Tavy & Walkham and the river Plym, with one of its tributaries the Meavy, all provide a large choice for fishing.

Panoramic view of Dartmoor Devon

Arising on the heights of Dartmoor, these spate rivers are renowned for their brown and sea trout, (or peal as they are known as in the West Country), and the summer/autumn runs of salmon. As with many rivers in the UK, the numbers of the latter have suffered over recent years from intensive fishing at sea and environmental pressures. However with the “buying out” of the local netsman over the last few years, bank maintenance to improve the river systems, improved environmental control and planned salmon egg harvesting schemes in the area, it is hoped that the numbers of salmon caught will continue to rise over the coming years.

View of the Tavy Valley Devon

An autumnal view of the Tavy Valley

View of Burrator Reservoir Devon

The Abbey Pool on the River Tavy near Buckland Abbey

River Tavy near Buckland Abbey