The club has beats on five rivers, the Tamar, Tavy, Meavy, Plym and Walkham. The rivers have different characters varying from the moorland streams on Dartmoor, where the upper reaches contain wild brown trout, to the mighty Tamar which has runs of sea trout and salmon.

All of the rivers rise quickly after rain on Dartmoor but unlike lowland rivers, the spates quickly subside. The scenery on Dartmoor is spectacular and the deep river valleys through which the rivers run, contain ancient oaks dripping with lichen. The tree lined, rocky river valleys are reminiscent of Scotland and Canada.

The club encourages catch and release to preserve wild fish stocks. Kingfishers and dippers are common along the river banks and on the open moor, the mew of a buzzard mixes with the harsh caw of a raven.

There is a waiting list for Full Membership but Associate Membership, which is also limited, is usually available. Joining as an Associate Member is a good way to enjoy the fishing while getting to know the rivers and the other members.

It is best to apply for Associate Membership before the start of the season to take full advantage of the club’s waters. Now is a good time to apply for Associate Membership as there are several vacancies for 2024. Applications are invited from both local and other anglers. Please contact the club for an application form.