Updated 2017


  1. The TAVY, with its tributaries as granted to the Club.
  2. The PLYM & MEAVY with their tributaries as granted to the Club.
  3. The WALKHAM with its tributaries as granted to the Club.
  4. The TAMAR as granted to the club.
  1. Monies surplus to the required costs of running the Club, as determined annually by the Executive Committee, will be ring-fenced to further develop the Club fishing portfolio by considering any other river beats which become available for purchase or rental.
  2. The waters on the Tavy, below Denham Bridge (Abbey Beat); 30yds upstream of Ludbrook Weir to the junction with the Walkham; from this junction up the Walkham to the boundary of Bucktor; then from the upper boundary of Bucktor on the left bank to Grenofen Bridge; on the right bank of the Tamar, the second and third fields above Greystone Bridge are the Club’s RESERVED WATERS and only available to members. The rights of members to fish these waters is set out below, though the definition and allocation of Reserved Waters may be changed at the discretion of the Executive Committee and ratified at an AGM.


  1. The Club will elect a maximum of 36 Full members, with priority given to those who live locally. There will be 12 BLUE CARD holders, 12 RED CARD holders and 12 WHITE CARD holders plus a SERVICES CARD rotating BLUE, RED or WHITE each season.
  2. Full members on each colour card may fish the Upper, Middle and Lower Beats on the Tavy RESERVED WATERS and the available fishing on the Tamar (as defined from time to time by the Executive Committee) on a rotation basis and according to a calendar issued at the start of the season by the Secretary. The card is issued as an identity card and a receipt for payment of the annual subscription.
  3. On any day they may also fish the Abbey Beat on the Tavy and the reserved water on the Walkham and all other designated permit waters.
  4. Full members may invite a guest to fish the reserved water on the Tavy and Walkham but subject to the following conditions:
    1. Only one guest shall be allowed per member per day.
    2. The rod shall be shared. i.e. Only the member or guest may fish at any one time.
    3. The guest must be accompanied by the member.
    4. No member may invite as a guest any person, who has for any reason, been refused membership of the Club.

         RIVER TAMAR – 

The River Tamar beat may be fished on the day the member is allocated the Top beat on the River Tavy. A member may invite another member with a different colour card to fish with them using two rods. A member may invite an Associate or guest to fish with them sharing one rod.

Please park in the cattle handling pen and ensure that the track and gate into the field are kept clear at all times. Should the farmer want to use the handling pen he will find the fishermen on the bank and request that they move their vehicles. We have been advised this will only be a few times during the season.

Please follow the River Tamar and Tributaries Fishing Association Code.

All salmon caught before 16 June and after 31 August must be returned.

Fishermen should release the first two salmon caught and then may keep the third to ensure a minimum 70% return.

Up to one fish per day may be kept between 16 June and 31 August provided it is under 10lbs (30 inches) and not coloured.

Two sea trout per day may be kept providing they are under 3lbs.

  1. Anyone wishing to transfer to another colour card shall inform the Secretary, who will keep a chronological transfer list. A member on the transfer list will take precedence over an applicant on the waiting list.


  1. Associate Membership will be:
    1. Decided by the Executive Committee of the Fishing Club.
    2. Renewable annually.
    3. Governed by the Constitution and General Rules of the Club.
  2. The Committee may elect a maximum of 24 Associate Members who may not necessarily reside locally, being 12 GREEN CARD holders and 12 YELLOW CARD holders, fishing alternative beats as laid out in the Associate fishing calendar issued by the Secretary at the start of the season as a receipt for payment of the annual subscription..
  3. Fishing will consist of two beats, administered as alternate day fishing. The beats will be called “Abbey Beat” (the Tavy below Denham Bridge) and the “Walkham Beat” (the Walkham below Grenofen Bridge and down to Bucktor). The Club’s Permit Water may be fished on any day.
  4. Priority for Associate Membership shall be:
    1. The TW & Plym Fishing Club Applicants on the waiting list by seniority of application date and who reside locally.
    2. Ex members of the Tavy Walkham & Plym Fishing club
    3. Applicants who do not reside locally.
  5. A person whose application to join the TW & Plym Fishing Club has in the past been refused, can still be eligible to apply to become an Associate Member.
  6. A person on the waiting list who is offered Associate membership and declines, will, depending upon the reason, be put to the bottom of the waiting list or removed.
  7. An Associate member does not have to apply for full membership of the Club, but if an application to become a full member of the club is put forward, priority will be given to their seniority on the waiting list.
  8. Associate members may attend club meetings but will not be entitled to vote or be eligible for election to the committee.
  9. Associate members shall not be entitled to invite a guest to fish club waters.


  1. Permission to fish with rod and line for salmon, migratory trout and brown trout in all waters as granted to the Club will be given on payment of the annual subscription and subject to the rules of the Club.
  2. If ANY member leaves the district, he shall be required to advise the Secretary, in writing, within 28 days. It shall be the decision of the committee whether the member should remain a member of the club or resign their membership.
  3. The annual subscriptions for ALL Members and for Permits will be as agreed at the Annual General Meeting prior to the season in question.
  4. The Club reserves the right to forfeit the ticket of any Full member, Associate member or permit holder who it may deem to have fished in an illegal or unsportsmanlike manner or in breach of the rules of the Club.


The Club will also issue permits through their Agents. Upon payment of the appropriate fee to the Agent, the angler will be entitled to fish the waters according to the permit type, as described in its map and according to the rules set out below and on the permit.


ALL rules below are overarched by the rules, directives or bye-laws of the EA. It is the members responsibility to ensure that they are familiar with these, especially ‘Catch and Release’ of Salmon and Sea Trout.

    1. Fishing with artificial baits only shall be permitted
    2. The season for fishing with rod and line shall be in accordance with the conditions set out currently by the licensing authority.
    3. Fishermen shall not stay in one place for an unreasonable time, and no more than ONE salmon shall be killed in any one day. (Members are strongly encouraged to return all hen fish)
    4. Fishing with lines of a low breaking strain in the rapid and rocky rivers under the care of the Club is unsportsmanlike and prohibited. Any person deemed to have been fishing in breach of this rule will be dealt with under the rules.
    5. The committee will review the conditions for fishing in that year. These rules will be sent out with the fishing calendar each year.
    6. The use of the gaff is illegal on any of the Club’s waters.
    1. Fishing between the hours of 0800 and one hour after sunset with artificial fly only shall be permitted.
    2. The season for fishing with rod and line for brown trout shall be in accordance with the current conditions set out by the licensing authority.
    3. Any trout caught less than 8 (eight) inches in length shall be immediately returned to the river.
    1. No fishing but with rod and line shall be permitted.
    2. No fishing of any kind shall be permitted between the hours of 0500 and 0600.
    3. No fish taken in Club waters shall be sold.
    4. Wading is not permitted in the River Tavy above Double Waters, or in the River Walkham below Huckworthy Bridge.
    5. Should any person holding a card or permit see any illegal or unsportsmanlike fishing, or a breach of these rules committed, he shall forthwith report the same to the Secretary.
    6. Card and permit holders, when fishing must immediately on request produce their card or permit and licence to any Water Bailiff or to any other card or permit holder, and allow their catches of fish and the baits or lures they have in use, or have been using, to be examined by such Water Bailiff, card or permit holder.
    7. Any person found fishing in the preserved waters without a card or permit will be prosecuted.
    8. Any person holding a card or permit who does not comply with these rules, or whom the Club may deem to have fished in an illegal or unsportsmanlike manner, shall forfeit the same, on receiving notice in writing from the Club.
    9. The card and permits for fishing in the preserved waters are issued subject to these rules, but the Club reserves the right to alter and amend the same, and to make such further rules, during any part of the season, as may be deemed expedient.
    10. The various bridges, stiles, ladders and rails on the banks of the rivers, most of which were furnished at the request of the occupiers of the lands, must, if used by fishermen be so used at their own risk and the Club disclaims any responsibility for accidents to fishermen which may arise from the negotiation of such bridges, stiles, ladders and rails. Under no circumstances is fishing permitted from bridges.