Tamar Beat – Reserved Water

The Tamar Beat is only available to Full Members, it is Reserved Water. Full Members may fish in rotation according to the colour of their ticket and the club calendar entry relating to the Top Beat on the River Tavy. Fishing is with fly or artificial lure. Fishing from any of the bridges is prohibited.

The River Tamar beat may be fished on the day the member is allocated the Top beat on the River Tavy. A member may invite another member with a different colour card to fish with them, using two rods. A member may invite an Associate or guest to fish with them, sharing one rod.

The beat is approximately 1 kilometer long and the fishing is on the right bank in the two fields shown on the map.

Please park in the cattle handling pen and ensure that the track and gate into the field are kept clear at all times. Should the farmer want to use the handling pen he will find the fishermen on the bank and request that they move their vehicles. We have been advised this will only be a few times during the season. No dogs or cars are permitted in the fields, please close all gates.

Grayling fishing is available on the River Tamar, the season for which starts on 16th June and ends on 14th March. Fishing with artificial flies only, on barbless or de-barbed single hooks, shall be permitted until one hour after sunset. When Grayling fishing, it is hoped best conservation practice will be adopted, but if a fish is to be kept, the limit is two only per day and they must be within 30-38cms in length. All other grayling sizes must be released (local EA bye-law).

No grayling fishing is permitted on the Club’s other waters.