Full Members can fish all of the Reserved waters eg. the Upper, Middle and Lower Beats of the River Tavy (on a rota basis) and the club’s other waters at any time. Full membership gives access to all of the club’s waters and is ideal for local anglers who fish regularly.

Full membership is restricted to 36 anglers who live locally and one place is kept for serving members of the armed forces in the Plymouth area.

Associate Members can fish some of the Reserved waters eg. the Abbey Beat on the River Tavy (on a rota basis) and all of the permit waters. Associate membership gives access to most of the club’s waters and is suited to local and visiting anglers who fish several times a season.

Associate membership is restricted to 24 anglers but there are usually vacancies. It is an opportunity to explore the club’s waters and meet other members.

There are several Associate Memberships available for the 2021 season. Applications are invited from both local and other anglers. Please contact the club for an application form.

Permit Holders can only fish the permit waters. A permit gives access to the rivers for local and visiting anglers who only fish occasionally. For full details of the Reserved and Permit waters please see the Rivers and Beats page.

For the cost of the various permits please see the Fishing Permits page.


If you wish to join the club please email for an application form, see the Contact page for details. Membership applications should be made in January. Please read the club’s Rules for full details on the election of members.

The cost of Full Membership for the 2021 season is £440 plus a £75 joining fee. The cost of Associate Membership for next season is £280.