Beat 1 Parish Boundary to Merrivale Newtake (approx 2 kilometres)

The top beat of the River Walkham lies between Langstone Moor and Great Mis Tor. It begins at the Parish Boundary (OS566782, Google Map) and continues to Merrivale Newtake (OS553768, Google Map). Park at Merrivale (OS550751, Google Map) and walk up the valley about 2 kilometres to the most northerly field boundary. Fishing is from the left bank only. Good dry fly fishing can be had from this little stream. ‘Fish the water’ and be prepared for fast takes.

Beat 3 Ward Bridge to Huckworthy. (approx 2 kilometres)

The short section between Ward Bridge and the hamlet of Huckworthy provides a little less than two kilometres of similar wooded and fast water. The section immediately below Ward Bridge (about 300 metres) is in private hands. Access is possible by climbing down the upstream side of Ward Bridge and passing through the overflow tunnels at the side of the bridge and walking down the left bank. If using this route to the club fishing please remove any flies or lures from your line until you reach the ‘River’ Egg to avoid ‘any confusion’.

The ‘River’ Egg is a tiny violent stream that tumbles into the Walkham and was once used to provide domestic electricity and the remains of the small generating station can still be seen. From here down there is a series of pots, pools and runs down to Huckworthy. It includes Eggworthy Weir – a superb long pool that often holds good shoals of sea trout from May.

Alternatively you can park at Huckworthy (OS532705, Google Map) and fish upstream. You need to pass through the property to access the bank and it is polite to inform the occupants who you are and show your permit. The pool above the bridge is an excellent holding pool and does provide salmon and sea trout but the brown trout fishing is better as one continues upstream.

Beat 4 Huckworthy to Foxhams and Sergeants Weir (approx 1 kilometre)

The short section immediately below Huckworthy is also in private ownership. If parked at Huckworthy walk back up the hill towards Walkhampton and pass through the first field gateway (adjacent to the track to Horrabridge) on your right. The fishing begins at the upstream boundary of this field. At the bottom of the enclosure is a good holding pool with a high overhanging bank. About 400 yards downstream the river turns into Sergeants Weir. This is a superb night fishing pool for sea trout. Immediately below this long pool a small tributary joins the stream and from here down there is a series of unnamed pools and fish holding runs until Foxhams Weir. The club has the top half of the pool created by this weir. From the first field boundary upstream of the weir and on to Horrabridge is in private hands.

Parking is possible by the cattle grid on the Walkhampton Road (OS521697, Google Map) just outside Horrabridge. The angler can walk down the track and enter the fields at the first gate, turning immediately right through the next gate into the field to the west. The weir can be seen below you and continue diagonally across the field to where the river meets the hedge boundary (OS527703, Google Map) and where the fishing begins. Alternatively the angler can continue along the track to the ‘Stepping Stones’ over Blacka Brook. Continue over the stream through the gate and along the track where it meets a small path that leads to Sergeants Weir.

River Walkham Beat 5 – Magpie – Grenofen 1.6K

Permits to fish this beat are available from the Tavy, Walkham and Plym Fishing Club and their agents.

The beat stretches 1.6 kilometres and fishing from the left bank only between Bedford (Magpie) Bridge and Grenofen Bridge. Fishing from both bridges is prohibited and fishing with any natural bait is prohibited. Access to the water is from the top or the bottom of the beat where there is adequate parking. Toilets are situated at the Magpie Bridge Car Park.

This can be a very productive beat but its ease of access makes it a popular spot for picnics and dog walking. Expect to be disturbed on sunny summer week ends. It is best fished early in the morning or on wet days. When the river rises with Autumn rain it has been very popular with salmon fishermen.

Expect salmon in high flows, sea trout run through and can be caught at night in the lower pools. The run into Pawsons Pool at Grenofen Bridge is a popular night fishing stand. Remain well upstream of the bridge and fish the run down to bridge.

Casting down under the bridge can be counter productive. The beat has some history and most of the pools have been named.

H.S. Joyce describes fishing the beat and catching large trout in the Corner Pool in the 1947 classic A Trout Anglers Notebook. In more recent times the feat was repeated by a young lad from Horrabridge named Shane O’ Sullivan. Shane caught a 2.5lb brown trout from the same pool on a dry fly in the 1990s.

River Walkham Beat 6 – Grenofen – Bucktor Reserved water 1.1K

The beat is available to at any time during the fishing seasons.

The beat begins at Grenofen Bridge and ends at the first field boundary above Bucktor. Fishing is from the bank only and fishing from Grenofen Bridge is prohibited. The beat includes the island below Grenofen Bridge and fishing from this island is permitted, but please have consideration for anyone fishing the opposite bank.

Access to the water is from the top of the beat where there is adequate parking.