River Cad Beat 1 – Public ticket water 3.2 K

Fishing is available to full members, associate members and permit holders at any time during the fishing season.

The 3.2 kilometres of fishing begins at the Sheepstor parish Boundary above Brisworthy. At this point a small stream, Legis Lake joins the river. From the Legis lake only the right bank may be fished until the junction with Blacka Brook.

From Blacka Brook both banks can be fished to Cadover Bridge and on to the wall that marks the eastern boundary of Lower Cadworthy Farm. From here only the left bank may be fished down to the junction with the River Meavy at Shaugh Bridge.

Fishing is with artificial baits only and as the beat lies within Dartmoor National Park, spinning for brown trout is prohibited by bylaw. Fishing from both bridges is prohibited.

There is easy access from the abundant parking at Cadover and Shaugh Bridges and on a good summers day these areas are full of trippers enjoying a day on the moors. Few of these venture out of site of their cars however and the steep central section between the two bridges is relatively quite and the trout fisherman will experience little disturbance. This is fast water, tumbling over large boulders into deep pots which harbour many untroubled fish.

A bouyant dry fly or wet fly fished upstream can provide good sport with small brown trout and sea trout when running.

There are some peal fishing enthusiasts who are rewarded by some sea trout on some warm summer nights in some of the deeper pools.

The stream can be technically be fished for salmon until December, but most salmon run up the Meavy.

The stream was once well fished and is mentioned in H.S. Joyces book; ‘A Trout Angler’s Notebook. In this 1947 publication Joyce describes fishing the river and rejoices in an early morning encounter at a pool adjacent to Lower Cadworthy Farm. Joyce and his contemporaries were keen trout fishermen and had a high regard for the sporting qualities of this pretty river.

River Plym Beat 2 Shaugh/Bickleigh 2.1K

Fishing from both banks from Shaugh Bridge to Bickleigh Bridge excepting the section adjacent to Harscombe where fishing is from the right bank only.

This section is marked with a broken line From Goodameavy Bridge to Shaugh Bridge fishing is from the right bank only.