Beat 1 Burrator Dam to Marchants Bridge at Meavy (approx 1.2 kilometres)

The fishing is from the left bank only from just below the Dam (OS551679, Google Map) to the bridge (OS546670, Google Map). In places this bank is quite steep, especially at the top where access can be ‘challenging’. The river is small but compensation water does provide a constant flow and temperature to the water. It will provide some fishing when other rivers are low and hot.

Beat 2 From Gratton Bridge to Olderwood

This beat is not currently available to TWP members or ticket holders.

Beat 3 Clearbrook to Shaugh Bridge. (approx 2 kilometres)

The fishing is from the right bank and begins at the first field boundary below Hoo Meavy Bridge (OS525653, Google Map). The river is small, and in places overgrown, but holds better brown trout and will reward the skilful use of a brook rod. The beat is about two kilometres in all and continues down past Lower Goodameavy Bridge and on to Shaugh Bridge.

The right bank from Sheepstor Parish Boundary to the Blackabrook. Both banks from Blackabrook to Cadover Bridge. The right bank from Cadover Bridge to Lower Cadworthy Farm. Left bank from Cadover Bridge to Shaugh Bridge. Both banks from Shaugh Bridge to Bickleigh Bridge (except approximately 180 yds left bank at Harscombe Farmhouse).